Category: Pond Design

To me, pond design involves two aspects. On the one hand it’s about the technical side of things. All the necessary technical equipment to keep your water chemicals right, to supply your fish with enough oxygen or to keep algae at bay with filtering equipment with UV sterilization.

But also the general layout of your garden pond. Several levels of water depth, so you can put all kinds of plants in your pond. Submerged aquatic plants to supply oxygen. Marginal plants to give the ponds’ edge a nicer natural look. Some fish species, such as pumpkinseed sunfish, also require shallow water for their reproduction. Others need deep water with natural or artificial caves to lay their eggs.

On the other hand, there’s the aesthetically aspect. Give your backyard pond a natural look with some fish and beautiful aquatic plants in the shallow water around the borders. Soft curved edges which blend in with the surrounding terrain will help make it an integral part of your garden, as if it's always been there.

Or you might go for a formal layout with straight edges, without adding any plants or fishes. A grey concrete basin will give it a more neutral look. Tiles in striking colors on the other hand can be a real eye catcher. Either way, your pond can become a real design element in your backyard.

Or go for a playful design, adding some additional features such as a pond fountain or a waterfall. The look and sound of flowing water will soothe you and help you to relax.

But try and resist the temptation to add too many features to your pond. If you overdo it, your pond might look crowded and messy. Instead you should concentrate on a general theme and only add features which fit in.

There is no pond design which you have to stick to. Feel free to choose the layout, decoration and design, which suits you best and integrates naturally into your garden.

Whichever design you go for, a pond will always be an exciting addition to your garden design. And with a bit of cleaning and maintenance it will be a source of joy for years to come.